Trading Methods

  • Meta Trader4

    Now PRESTIGE would like to provide a brand new,convenient trading system- MetaTrader4

  • Telephone Dealing System

    · Our dealing officers are always ready to handle your instructions 

    Please call our Dealing Hotline to place your order
    Prestige Dealing Hotline:400-1222-430
  • Transactions can be conducted by telephone; the transaction process is as follows:

    Customer asks for a quotation by telephone. Once the price is quoted ,the customer must immediately decide whether to accept the offer and to express the content of their transactions (such as buy or sell, the number of new position or settling position, etc.). After the company has confirmed its acceptance,the transaction is completed. In case of either party has any objections with the transaction, telephone recordings of the particular transaction shall prevail. In case of drastic changes in market prices, the Company may adjust trading spreads in order to reflect the increased market risks.