All open positions are rolled-over to the next trading day automatically. Interest for these rolled-over open positions will be debited or credited to your account at an interest rate determined by market conditions and announced by us.
(if there are unsettled contracts in clients' accounts after trading hours for Friday, clients will be debited / credited overnight interest of 3 days fro these unsettled contracts.)
Products BUY(Dr/Cr)/Year SELL(Dr/Cr)/Year
Spot Gold LLG -2.75% -0.25%
Spot Silver LLS -2.75% -0.25%


The above interest rate provided is for reference only and might be adjusted according to market conditions.


A client sold 1 contract of LLG at the price of 1300 and settled order on the next day. The interest rate of selling LLG was -0.25%/Year.
Interest formula
Interest =Opening Price x Contract Size x Interest rate x No. of lot x days of overnight/360(days)
1300 X 100oz X(-0.25%)X 1 X 1/360